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Bloor Homes and Peveril Homes are preparing a full application for 260 dwellings (including affordable homes) and formal and informal open space at Toton East, off Stapleford Lane.


This development will also include the provision of a vehicular access point from Stapleford Lane, a safeguarded road link into the Chetwynd Barracks, pedestrian and cycle links across the site connecting to the tram station and existing rights of way, the creation of green corridors, and the provision of supporting infrastructure and utilities.

Site Location Plan

Broxtowe Borough Council therefore need to ensure that new homes are provided to meet the needs of existing and future residents. In accordance with the Broxtowe Borough Council Local Plan, this site forms part of an already allocated area known as (identified in Policy 3.2) “Land in the vicinity of the HS2 Station at Toton (Strategic Location for Growth)” as a sustainable location for residential development for at least 3,000 dwellings.

Development of the site is expected to commence in 2025 subject to the grant of planning permission by Broxtowe Borough Council. 

We are keen to share our ideas for the site, which will deliver the first homes of this larger allocation and will facilitate the delivery of the wider allocation and Chetwynd Barracks to the south. 

The Proposals
Illustrative Masterplan

260 residential dwellings including affordable homes provision

Provision of orchards, a green corridor, formal and informal open space, green infrastructure, and landscaping

Pedestrian and cycle routes, including additional link to Toton Lane Tram Station

Vehicular access point into the site from Stapleford Lane

Future proof road link safeguarded to Chetwynd Barracks to the south

Supporting infrastructure and utilities

Make Your Views Known

We would like to know your views on our initial ideas for the site. All thoughts, suggestions and feedback received will be carefully considered to help inform the proposals. We will report all comments to Broxtowe Borough Council as part of the planning process. 

Please let us have your comments by Monday 26th February 2024.

Following the submission of a planning application in the spring, Broxtowe Borough Council will consult local residents and other interested parties before reaching a decision.

Please note, by providing your personal data you are consenting to our use and processing of it for our business needs. For more information on how we will process and protect your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy on our website:

This consultation has now ended.

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